Tinkov Oleg Yurevich

Tinkov Oleg Yurevich

Tinkov Oleg Yurevich

Oleg Tinkov is a Russian entrepreneur, founder of the Tinkoff Bank online ecosystem based on financial and lifestyle services, founder of a number of enterprises and commercial projects.


The businessman was born on December 25, 1967 in the Kemerovo region in the small village of Polysaevo, located near the regional center.

The future billionaire grew up in a working-class family - his father was a miner, his mother worked as a dressmaker in an atelier.

In his youth, he was engaged in boxing and road cycling. I got really into cycling. He took part in regional competitions, winning many victories. At the age of 17 he received the category of CCM.

In one of his interviews, the businessman said that during a sports camp in Central Asia, bought scarce goods (down jackets, boots) and, upon returning home, resold them at a triple price in the market or to neighbors.

After school, he was drafted into the army - he served in Border Troops of the KGB of the USSR in the Far East. Having retired from the reserve, he entered the Leningrad Mining Institute (now St. Petersburg Mining University).

The entrepreneurial biography of Oleg Tinkov began while studying at the university (late 1980s), when he started selling vodka, speculating on the price difference. Buying a strong alcoholic drink during the day at one price, at night he sold it at double. In addition, he traded various imported goods purchased from foreign fellow students - cosmetics, perfumes, jeans.

During his trips home, he sold things brought from Leningrad, returning back, he took Japanese household appliances with him. During this period, I was able to earn start-up capital. His future wife helped him run the business. He also had several fellow students, each of whom eventually built a successful business. We are talking about the founder of the Lenta chain Oleg Zherebtsov, the founder of the Dixy stores Oleg Leonov, and Andrey Rogachev, thanks to whom the large Pyaterochka retail chain appeared.

Oleg Tinkov did not graduate from the Mining Institute, having completely gone into business after the third year.

Later, he completed a six-month marketing education program at the University of California, Berkeley (USA).


Tinkov's first major project was the Petrosib company, opened in 1993, which was engaged in the sale of electrical equipment brought from Singapore. Soon the business reached the regional level.

At the end of 1993, the first store under the Sony brand opened in St. Petersburg. The rapidly growing sales volumes prompted the Russian businessman to create his own brand - Technoshock. Despite the high prices for goods, the technique was in great demand among buyers.

It is known that it was in Tinkov's stores that the first sales assistants for the sale of electronics began to appear. By the mid-nineties, the turnover reached 40 million dollars, and the number of open stores increased to ten in different regions of Russia.

With the advent of a strong competitor, the Eldorado network, the profitability of Technoshock began to fall. In 1997, Oleg Yuryevich Tinkov decided to sell his business, earning seven million dollars for it. He invested these funds in a new project, called "Daria" (in honor of his daughter), which was engaged in the sale of frozen semi-finished products.

A large-scale and at the same time provocative advertising campaign allowed the brand to quickly gain popularity in its market segment and successfully develop until 2001. Then the project was sold Roman Abramovich for $21 million.

In 1998, Oleg Tinkov opened the first restaurant-brewery, Tinkoff, in St. Petersburg. The idea of ​​​​creating it did not find practical implementation until the moment when the businessman made good acquaintances during the Drinktec exhibition of brewing technologies in Munich. Giving a brand of beer a name with your own surname is a primordial Bavarian tradition.

In 2001, the second restaurant was opened in Moscow. Over the next three years, similar beer establishments appeared in Samara, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Ufa and other cities.

In 2003, a brewery was opened, the construction of which was carried out at the expense of borrowed funds from Zenit Bank. To draw attention to the Tinkoff brand, a legend about the ancestor of a businessman, who supplied beer to the imperial court in the second half of the 18th century, was spread.< /p>

This project was not a big success, but the powerful enterprise infrastructure was sold to Sun Interbrew for $200 million.

Tinkoff Bank: a success story

The idea of ​​creating an innovative bank specializing in customer service through remote channels, Oleg Yuryevich Tinkov introduced in 2005 at the residence of billionaire Richard Branson on Necker Island. The basis for the establishment of a commercial financial organization was the Himmashbank acquired the following year. Almost 90% of the capital earned in the beer business was invested in this project.

In 2006, the bank was renamed Tinkoff Credit Systems (TCS). Not having a single stationary branch, he specialized in customer service through remote channels. Thus, credit cards were issued, for example, through the direct mail distribution technology.

The entrepreneur managed to build the first commercial bank in the country, all the services of which are available on the official website and in a smartphone.

In the fall of 2013, the parent structure of TCS Group (the holding company Tinkoff Credit Systems and Tinkoff Insurance) held an IPO on London Stock Exchange.

After the initial public offering, the businessman gradually moved away from the operational management of the bank, leaving behind the status of a "visionary".

In 2015, the financial institution rebranded and changed its name to Tinkoff Bank.

In 2020, he left the post of head of the bank's Board of Directors.

In 2022, he sold his stake in TCS Group and other Russian assets. At the moment, he is developing the La Datcha project (guest complex) and a charitable foundation.

Some interesting facts

In his youth, the businessman had a car accident. After returning from the army, he went with his lover to a summer camp. As a result of a collision between a bus and a KAMAZ, the girl died, and Tinkov had a scar on his face. After recovery, he decided to move to Leningrad, as he understood that he could not stay in his native city.

Over the years, he owned successful cycling teams - Tinkoff Restaurants, Tinkoff Credit Systems, Tinkoff. They regularly took high places in various competitions.

Actively conducted educational activities, is the author of the program "Business Secrets" on YouTube.

In March 2020, he announced that he was battling leukemia. In the winter of the same year, he reported a complete remission after a bone marrow transplant.

Private life

Married to Rina Valentinovna Vosman. Together with his wife, he brings up three children.